A training day for PhD students: How to publish in national and international scientific journals

The University Center of Tipaza ” Morsli Abdellah” organized a training day for the benefit of PhD students at the center, about the methodology of scientific research as well as the mechanisms of publishing in national as well as international scientific journals. This formative day was supervised by a group of professors, headed by Mr. Harik Hakim, Sub-Director of Information, Scientific and Technical Indicators at the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Dr. Mohamed Ait Mihoub, in addition to Dr. Karim Herzallah. This training session was also attended by Dr. Mohamed Younesi, the director of the University center, as well as the deputies director, in addition to the directors of the institutes, as well as the professors responsible for training in the doctoral phase at the University center, with the participation of PhD students.

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