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How to enrol in Tipaza university Center?

To access education and training, foreign students and trainees are required to:

– Provide proof of qualifications and diplomas that authorize them, according to national regulations, to pursue the desired training program.

– Meet the registration conditions applicable to Algerian candidates enrolled in the same level of education.

– Undergo a mandatory medical examination upon arrival in Algeria, as well as periodic health checks. Training institutes may collaborate with healthcare facilities, based on agreements, to facilitate this process. In exceptional cases, the commission may grant exemptions to access conditions, within limits compatible with the functioning of institutions, for Algerian government scholarship recipients upon request from the home country.

What documents are required for registration?

The application dossier should include:

– A copy or a duly legalized translation of the diploma or qualification required for admission to the intended program, along with its equivalence certificate issued by the Ministry responsible for higher education.

– An academic transcript for candidates applying for postgraduate programs.

– An extract of the candidate’s birth certificate or an equivalent document.

– A certificate of nationality.

– A certified copy of the candidate’s passport.

– Two academic recommendations from professors in the same field of study, for postgraduate candidates.

– A medical certificate attesting the absence of infectious and/or contagious diseases and the candidate’s fitness to pursue the intended training.

– Four recent passport-sized photographs.

The commission responsible for the education and training of foreign students may request additional information or documents from the candidate or relevant authorities to complete their assessment.

For more details:

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