International strategy


Strengthening cooperation with international academic institutions to develop joint projects

Participation within the international scientific and cultural groups in the exchange and enrichment of knowledge.

Modernize higher education and increase the role of the university in development through research and innovation.

 Respond to the strong demand for higher education, while maintaining equal opportunities and maintaining the quality of training.

Impose the presence of our institution at the international level, with qualitative training and useful applied research.


Since its creation, the university center of Tipaza has made openness to the world a priority as well as the implementation of the exchange strategy in order to improve the quality of education that we offer to students as well as than the performance of our staff. The development policy of our university is based on the value of the exchange strategy as a development strategy.

 Considering the recommendations drawn from the board of directors, our university has adopted the exchange strategy by targeting the maximum number of student exchanges, staff mobility and research opportunities to start high-level cooperation.

From this point of view, international programs as well as ERASMUS+  program are undoubtedly the most appropriate, since ERASMUS + program offers a platform that manages the exchange of students, by sending abroad and welcoming foreigners, as well than the case of staff. On our side, and in order to be active participants in the program, We confirm the availability of our international office to facilitate the mobility of guests by assisting them in their administrative procedures, while also wishing to be accompanied in the mobility of our students and our staff. This is why the University Center of Tipaza participated in the ERASMUS + call for projects in 2022 in partnership with several universities in the program countries, in particular Turkey, Portugal, Poland, Spain, and Romania. The University Center of Tipaza is suitable for the exchange program due to its advantageous geographical location, mainly for the fact that the city of Tipaza is located in the northern part of Algeria, 60 km west of the capital Algiers . The city of Tipaza extends over a vast area, reaching to the seaside. The airport which is based just 70 km from the university provides considerable ease in terms of mobility for staff as well as guests. This dynamic is still topical, and in the continuity of the actions undertaken since its creation, the presidential team wishes to strengthen the international component and make it a cornerstone of all training, research or governance projects in order to give them scale and thus strengthen the attractiveness of our establishment on the regional and global scene.

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