Rector’s Welcome Message

My fellow professors and employees, dear students,

Having been assigned the responsibility of directing the university center “Mosrsli Abdellah” of Tipaza. I consider myself committed to act so hard to meet our university high expectations, by joining my will and efforts to yours. Together, we will strive to promote our university, leading it to the ranks of honor, by means of a strategy that all of us would adopt in collaboration to reach our set objectives. Together, we will exploit sources of inspiration, trigger initiatives, and use creativity. Our strategy will ensure the quality of higher education and scientific research, encourage all scientific and academic initiatives, and serve students’ comfort from the day they join university until they integrate the society as a qualified citizens, ready to take their social and professional roles. Our strategy will also target openness to our social partners and establish communication channels with legitimate representatives of professional syndicates and student organizations. It is noteworthy that the university openness to social and economic partners has been set as a priority within the ministry vision, through collaboration agreements meant to serve both students and teachers. 

To conclude, I would like to invite you to keep on deploying all efforts, all united, in the sake of leading our university towards excellence at the national and international levels.

Thank you.

Dr. Mohamed Younesi

Director of the University Center of Tipaza “Morsli Abdellah

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