Doctorate programs

The university center of tipaza offers several doctoral trainings in different fields

FieldSpecializationNumber of PhD students
LawAdministrative activity and administrative responsibility3
LawHuman rights and public freedoms3
LawEnvironment and sustainable development law3
LawConstruction law and documentation law3
LawReal estate law3
Language StudiesTeaching the Arabic language3
Language StudiesApplied linguistics3
Commercial Sciencesdigital marketing3
Commercial SciencesTourism marketing3
Management ScienceBusiness Management3
Management ScienceOrganization management3
Management ScienceThe management of human resources3
Management ScienceEntrepreneurship3
Economic scienceMonetary and banking economy3
Economic scienceEconomics and management of institutions3
Economic scienceLocal economy and finance3
Economic scienceEconomic analysis and foresight3
Financial Sciences and AccountingEnterprise finance3
Financial Sciences and AccountingIslamic finance and banks3
Financial Sciences and AccountingFinancial and insurance3
Financial Sciences and AccountingAccounting and auditing3
Social Sciences – SociologyCommunication Sociology3
Social Sciences – SociologySociology of delinquency and crime3
Social Sciences – SociologySociology of organization and work3
Social Sciences – SociologyHealth Sociology3
Social Sciences – SociologyCultural Sociology3
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