The Business Incubator of the University Center of Tipaza organizes the Global Entrepreneurship Week

For all those interested in the activities of the World Entrepreneurship Week, the Business Incubator at the University Center of Tipaza presents to you the program of the first day (Sunday, November 12, 2023), which will be at the level of the Grand Lecture Hall of the University Center of Tipaza, where the beginning will be by presenting the Incubateur CutinC 4.2 business incubator and announcing the game content. Business game and Business Challenge, after which we will be honored to host representatives of NESDA and CATI.Cu.Tipaza to guide you, project owners and managers, to the best mechanisms to protect your ideas and innovations, as well as to finance and transform them into profitable projects. Global Entrepreneurship Week GEN Algeria is an opportunity for all of us to enter the world of entrepreneurship and work to develop a new, diverse economic fabric that is in line with tomorrow’s technology. The incubator team is excited to share with you this event, which is considered the first step in a season that will be full of demonstrations, full of challenges and full of optimism and hopes. Let us all cooperate to embody our ideas and develop our projects. Everyone be on time.

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