Private Law

 Training Objectives

The Bachelor’s degree in Private Law is an academic program designed to prepare students for further studies at the Master’s level in the field of legal sciences, specifically in the area of Private Law. After completing the first two years of common core courses (four semesters), the third year focuses on acquiring knowledge and skills in various subjects of Private Law, adapting their knowledge to scientific and technological advancements in the field, and developing their capabilities for in-depth analysis in the field of Private Law.

Targeted Qualifications and Competencies

This training aims to graduate qualified professionals in the field of Private Law to support various public and private entities (private and public commercial companies, economic public institutions) and meet the scientific and professional needs in this specialization.

Regional and National Employability Skills

– Working in various public and private institutions of commercial nature.

– Employment in banking and financial institutions.

– Arbitration institutions.

– Employment in public administrations.

– Possibility of working as a consultant or expert in Private Law.

– Allows graduates to enter various freelance professions (lawyers, notaries, judicial recorders, etc.).

– Possibility of working in various other fields that do not require specific qualifications and only require a bachelor’s degree.

Pathway programs

– This specialization allows graduates to pursue further studies at the Master’s level in several specializations within Private Law, including:

– Master of Business Law

– Master of Private Law

– Master of Family Law and Personal Status

– Master of Maritime Law

– Master of Civil Law (in-depth)

– Master of Real Estate Law

– Master of Contracts and Liability

– Master of Intellectual Property

– Master of Insurance Law

– Master of Banking and Financial Law

Course Structure

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