Real estate law

Training Objectives

This project aims to train students in the field of specialization in real estate law, considering it as one of the disciplines that the state seeks to achieve in order to establish property rights on a solid foundation that enhances confidence and encourages real estate credit. Therefore, opening a specialization in real estate law in the second stage of the Master’s program is of great importance at the Institute of Law, especially since it is a continuation of its journey in specialized fields of law. The opening of this specialization is in line with the Algerian state’s policy to promote the real estate sector as an important material asset for the Algerian treasury, especially considering that geopolitical studies have confirmed that Algeria’s petroleum reserves will be depleted in the coming years. Therefore, Algeria needs to find another source for its treasury and activate real estate taxation in all its forms and types, as well as develop agriculture in its various forms, encourage tourism, and consider it a significant financial resource for the state treasury, as is the case in some friendly countries such as the Arab Republic of Egypt and the neighboring Kingdom of Morocco.

Through this training, we aim to achieve a set of pedagogical objectives and develop a range of targeted competencies for our students in this field of specialization. This qualifies them to hold various sensitive positions in the public administration responsible for the real estate sector in Algeria, especially in the Directorate of State Property, the Directorate of Endowments, the Directorate of Public Land Survey, and the Real Estate Governorates.

One of the pedagogical objectives we seek to achieve through opening this specialization in the Master’s program is the establishment of a laboratory dedicated to real estate law that serves scientific research areas in Algerian universities. This laboratory includes various research units and aims to establish a research laboratory as well.

In general, the Institute of Law at the University Center Mers el-Kébir in Tipaza aims to achieve the following objectives through this training:

– Highlight the importance of studying real estate law in both theoretical and practical fields.

– Prepare students for practical applications and open new horizons for these practices within the specialized judiciary to support the real estate sector.

– Assist students in making choices that match their abilities and interests through the proposed pedagogical projects, ensuring the necessary means to guarantee the quality monitoring of results and achieve the set objectives with confidence.

– Give great importance to personal research and the need to establish foundations for research at all stages of training, based on the understanding that scientific research is the effective means to achieve consistent results.

– Achieve a precise understanding of the idea of early specialization and highlight its importance in determining specific directions without neglecting the major topics that constitute all sciences.

– Open the specialization to meet all the hidden desires of candidates for this type of training and enable them to unleash their cognitive and scientific potential.

– Promote specialized scientific research, hold scientific meetings, specialized seminars, national and international conferences according to advanced scientific standards.

Targeted Qualifications and Skillsa

The Institute of Law and Political Sciences at the University Center of Tipaza has the qualifications and scientific competencies necessary to open this specialization, especially since there are several professors specialized in private law and insurance.

This proposed program aims to train Master’s students in the field of real estate law, enabling them to obtain a Master’s degree in Law, specializing in real estate law. Outstanding students in their studies can also prepare for further advanced studies, such as a Ph.D. This specialization opens wide doors and broad prospects in the world of work and the vast field of scientific research. Some of the areas targeted include:

– Legal practice and the judiciary.

– Employees in various central and local administrative institutions.

– Postgraduate studies, etc.

Regional and National Employment Opportunities

– Branches of security institutions and branches of criminal investigation agencies.

– Universities and specialized academic research centers in comparative studies.

– State ministries such as the Ministry of Finance, General Directorate of National Properties, Directorates of State Properties, Real Estate Conservation Directorates, Real Estate Governorates, Real Estate Agencies, Religious Affairs and Endowments, Environment and Water Resources, Justice.

– Judicial, legal, and judicial clerks.

– Correctional institutions.

– Jobs in public institutions.

– Jobs in international non-governmental organizations.

Pathway programs

– The proposed educational units can be transferred to colleges and institutes in other universities with the same structure (the same specialization exists in the University of Law in Blida, specializing in real estate law, in the University of Khemis Miliana, specializing in real estate law, and in the University of Yahia Fares in Medea, specializing in real estate law).

– As for the transfer to an academic Master’s degree in other legal specializations, some can be transferred within the field of private law.

– The student can pursue a Ph.D. in the following fields:

– Private law.

– Comparative justice.

– Business law.

Course Structure

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