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Training Objectives

The training in Business Law aims to increase knowledge, acquire skills, and gain experience based on the content of the Master’s program. These objectives can be divided into two types:

  • General objectives:

Keeping up with global developments and deepening knowledge in the field of Business Law.

Developing research and academic studies in the field of Business Law.

Achieving excellence in postgraduate studies and advancing the level of scientific research.

Equipping students with theoretical and applied skills relevant to their specialization and enhancing their capabilities in the business field.

Enabling students to update their knowledge in the rapidly changing business world.

  • Specific objectives related to the specialization:

Meeting the training and educational needs of specialized academic frameworks in this field.

Meeting the needs of administrative and economic institutions for specialized and advisory personnel.

Deepening students’ knowledge in the field of Business Law.

Training individuals capable of quickly integrating into administrative positions, especially legal ones, given the complexity and diversification of the current economic environment.

– Distinguishing between different business environments.

– Studying the legal systems that regulate various types of activities and commercial enterprises.

– Studying the relationships between the institution and various domestic and international contexts.

– Progressing in the study of the business world in terms of:

   Legal framework

   Human element

   Legal components

   Administrative techniques



Targeted Qualifications and Skills:

After completing the proposed training, the student should:

– Be able to comprehend various areas of Business Law.

– Possess the abilities that enable them to excel in a rapidly evolving and innovative field.

– Have a comprehensive understanding of the legal aspects and contemporary variables in the business field.

– Possess the ability to respond to external environmental changes in all aspects related to business.

Regional and National Employability Capacities

The Master’s program in Business Law allows for the training of professionals capable of assuming practical responsibilities in various administrative and economic institutions, including banks, insurance companies, as well as public and private economic institutions. There are opportunities for employment at the national level, particularly in the central region where there is economic and service activity that provides such opportunities. This region witnesses significant dynamics in establishing enterprises, especially small and medium-sized enterprises, which increases the demand for highly qualified professionals.

Pathway programs

Since the proposed specialization does not have a common core, there are no bridges to other specializations.

Course Structure

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