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Dear Students,

As per the cooperation agreement between IPB and teh UCT, we are thrilled to announce an exciting opportunity for the upcoming academic year (2023/2024) at the University Center of Tipaza! As part of our commitment to supporting your academic journey and fostering integration, we are offering the following mobility programs (exchange students are exempt from paying annual tuition fees at IPB):

1. Mentoring Academy:

The Mentoring Academy is a program designed to enhance the integration and academic success of IPB students. You can learn more about this program by visiting Mentoring Academy.

2. Mobility period:

  • Dates: February 19, 2024, to July 13, 2024
  • Description: The second semester of the 2023/2024 academic year, consisting of 30 ECTS credits, will extend over 20 weeks, including the assessment period.

Required Documents: To apply, you must submit the following documents:

  • Fill in the online form here (only after being selected and nominated by your institution).
  • Passport (mandatory at the application stage).
  • Academic transcripts.
  • Proof of enrollment.
  • Learning Agreement

For guidance on filling out the “Learning Agreement,” you can refer to the ECTS Guide here. Please be aware that courses are offered on different campuses, and completing Table B of the study agreement is mandatory.

Application Deadline: Your application submission deadline is October 30, 2023.

Application Process: If you are interested in studying at IPB, please contact your institution’s international relations office for information on the application process. The application and selection process is managed directly by your institution.

Important Notes:

  • Students must be regularly enrolled at the University Centre of Tipaza
  • You can choose subjects from the 2nd semester (February to July), either at the Mirandela or Bragança campus, but not both.
  • Each semester corresponds to 36 ECTS credits and lasts 20 weeks. Exchange students must complete subjects worth at least 20 credits.
  • undergraduate and master’s degree are accepted as exchange students.
  • Undergraduate/graduate or master’s degree exchange students cannot choose subjects from IPB’s technical courses.

Additional Information:

  • Exchange students are responsible for travel and health insurance (PB4), air travel, food (2.75 euros per meal in the IPB cafeteria), accommodation (details to follow), school supplies, and other expenses.

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